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I Love a Good Love Story

Fullem Films exists to portray a couples love story as the work of art that it is. To me this is so much more than just documenting your day with professional video and audio. I mean, you absolutely get that, too. I capture not only what happened on your wedding, but more importantly how it FELT. 


Who's the guy with the camera?

I've wanted to be a filmmaker since I was seven years old. Wes Craven's "Scream" was the catalyst for having a camera in my hands. I have a need to tell stories that resonate with people and make them feel something. 

I also happen to be a HUGE sap. I love filming weddings because I genuinely love seeing people at their absolute happiest. The opportunity to turn that happiness into art that couple's can look back on is so gratifying. 


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Absolutely all of our collections include:

-Full Length Ceremony shot with multiple cameras and professional audio

-Full Reception Video. All dances. All Speeches. Everything!

-60 Second Trailer within two weeks of your wedding!

-Up to 12 hours of coverage!


***Subject to weather and FAA Regulations

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The Highlight

4-5 Minute wedding film
Full Ceremony
Full Reception

Drone Coverage***

The Featurette

7-9 Minute wedding film
Full Ceremony
Full Reception

Drone Coverage***

***Subject to weather and FAA Regulations

Full Feature

12-13 Minute wedding film
Full Ceremony
Full Reception

Drone Coverage***

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Our Clients Say

Danny was AMAZING! Our videos from start to finish completely took our breath away. He was able to capture every moment in time perfectly and our video showed the best of the best moments. We were crying, laughing and everything in between. Our family and friends were completely blown away with the sneak peaks, and all of the footage that was taken. Our videos are something we truly will cherish for the rest of our lives. I highly recommend Fullem Films. You for sure will not be disappointed.

- Ashley and Justin

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